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binutils-3.10/ld build error, sparc-sun-solaris2.8 (emulparams/*.sh)

From: Lawrence Carver
Subject: binutils-3.10/ld build error, sparc-sun-solaris2.8 (emulparams/*.sh)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:34:17 -0800 (PST)

Hi, was this reported and/or fixed already??  I've built binutils-3.10/ld on
sparc-sun-solaris2.8, and it has the following error --

  make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/binutils-2.10/ld'
  cp ./emultempl/astring.sed stringify.sed
  /bin/sh ./genscripts.sh . /usr/local/lib sparc-sun-solaris2.8 
sparc-sun-solaris2.8 sparc-sun-solaris2.8 "elf32_sparc elf64_sparc" 
"/usr/ccs/lib" elf64_sparc "sparc-sun-solaris2.8"

  sed: command garbled: s/://sparcv9:/g
  /opt/SUNWspro/v6/bin/cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I. -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -I. 
-I../bfd -I./../bfd -I./../include -I./../intl -I../intl  -g 
-DLOCALEDIR="\"/usr/local/share/locale\""    -g -c eelf64_sparc.c

I've noticed that the problem happens during script "emulparams/elf64_sparc.sh",
in there they use "/" as the delimiter for the sed script.  The line (34) is --

  LIB_PATH=${LIB_PATH}:`echo ${NATIVE_LIB_DIRS} | sed 
                                                       ^ ^          ^
If I manually edit file "emulparams/elf64_sparc.sh", changing the "/"es to
at-signs ("@"), then the error doesn't occur.  What are the ultimate effects
of the failed sed command?  (Has this problem been fixed already, in a
development or beta version of binutils?)  Thanks!!  Larry C.

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