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Down with smcup!

From: Thomas Mellman
Subject: Down with smcup!
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 08:48:30 +0200

There have been many Unix flame wars over the years, but most of
them have dwindled into unimportance since the Microsoft
hegemony has become complete.

Therefore, one has to wonder why it is that GNU/Cygwin/(Redhat?)
picks this time to finally squash us poor suckers that like to
see what it was that they opened a file for, even after they've
closed it.

curses now no longer tolerates us imbecils that don't want/like
rm/smcup.  How silly of me to spend so many hours thinking I
was just looking in the wrong place, or was doing something wrong
with my TERMINFO entry.  It's not that.  It must simply be that
GNU feels that they don't need us obnoxious anti-smcup-ers.

Well, if it must be, then let me flame on the way out: in a world of
windowing file managers (even Windows!), sm/rmcup is usually BAD.  If
want to see what you were doing before, simply open a new window.  smcup

simply causes more steps when you're looking something up or checking
something out.

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