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A problem with xgettext

From: Alain PORTAL
Subject: A problem with xgettext
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 10:56:58 +0100
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I'm not sure that it's the good list to post, because I don't think there is a 
bug, but I don't know where to do it.

I have a problem with xgettext that is used in a makefile
/usr/bin/xgettext: warning: The following msgid contains non-ASCII characters.
This will cause problems to translators who use a character encoding different 
from yours. Consider using a pure ASCII msgid instead.
                       Cédric Auger (address@hidden) : Programming
/usr/bin/xgettext: invalid multibyte sequence
/usr/bin/xgettext: invalid multibyte sequence

xgettext don't seems to like accents. Is that right ?
If yes, is it possible to manage accents in "author string" ?

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