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grep --ignore-case fails with --only-matching

From: BISHOP Michaël
Subject: grep --ignore-case fails with --only-matching
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 07:09:38 -0500
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When searching for a case-insensitive pattern, grep is able to correctly identify the matching line when using --ignore-case.  However, when --only-matching is added, grep passes nothing and returns zero.

I didn't notice anything in the man pages stating that these two options are incompatible; did I miss something or did grep?
address@hidden mbishop $ echo "This is An _expression_." | grep --ignore-case _expression_
This is An _expression_.
address@hidden mbishop $ echo "This is An _expression_." | grep --ignore-case --only-matching _expression_
address@hidden mbishop $ echo $?

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