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Retrieve and In Bug?

From: Gerrit Riessen
Subject: Retrieve and In Bug?
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:26:28 +0200


I might have found a bug in the handling values that are not
defined in arrays.

Basically what I do is attempt to retrieve a value that is not
defined as an index in an array, i.e. value = array[index]. This causes
if the index is not defined, i.e. (index in array) returns 0, to define
the index, i.e. (index in array) returns 1 after calling value = array[index].

I've tested this on GNU/Linux with Gawk 3.1.0 and on Win2000 with
Gawk 3.1.3. I've also included the test program.

Cheers, Gerrit

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