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"_mcleanup: gmon.out: Permission denied" when using gprof

Subject: "_mcleanup: gmon.out: Permission denied" when using gprof
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:09:25 -0700


I am trying to profile my application using gprof. I build my app with -pg option and executed it. If I do nothing with my app, i.e. just close the app window after it shows up, gmon.out gets generated. If I bring up the app, try to do some operations (do some file-open type of tasks) and then close the window, gmon.out does not get generated. As far as I see, the app exits fine, and I get this message on the console:
"_mcleanup: gmon.out: Permission denied"

Is this is a known problem/bug?  Am I missing anything?


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