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gawk 3.1.4: reproducible hang, regression from 3.1.3

From: James Troup
Subject: gawk 3.1.4: reproducible hang, regression from 3.1.3
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 03:14:05 +0000
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A Debian user reported[0] gawk 3.1.4 broke a (relatively) complex
program that makes extensive use of awk, called 'apt-move'.  I finally
managed to reduced the problem down to a 3 line test case, enclosed

I believe the problem comes from the following code, introduced in

[io.c, line 560]
|       for (rp = red_head; rp != NULL; rp = rp->next) {
|               if ((rp->flag & RED_EOF) && tree->type == Node_redirect_pipein) 
|                       if (rp->pid != -1)
|                               wait_any(0);
|               }

The problem is that, if we have an existing redirect which is a simple
file redirect[b] and it's hit EOF and we try to create a new '|'
redirect[c], this new code will try to wait(2) and if there are any
other redirects which _did_ spawn a child (like [a]) the wait() will
hang indefinitely waiting for it to exit.

Hope that makes sense :)


[0] http://bugs.debian.org/263964

#!/usr/bin/gawk -f

        printf "" | "cat"             # [a]
        getline line < "/dev/null"    # [b]
        "true" | getline line         # [c]

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