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Re: GNU.Gettext.dll in /usr/lib?

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: GNU.Gettext.dll in /usr/lib?
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 13:29:48 +0100
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Santiago Vila wrote:
> So: Is there something that would break horribly if GNU.Gettext.dll
> were put somewhere in /usr/share, like libintl.jar, or there is a
> hardcoded path somewhere which forces it to be in /usr/lib?

Both the pnet 'cscc' and the mono 'mcs' look for libraries (specified with
the -l or -r flag, respectively) in $prefix/lib/ and not in $prefix/share/.

For this reason, I'll keep the installation of GNU.Gettext.dll in $prefix/lib/.

- Maybe our analysis that .dll and .exe files are platform independent was
  incorrect: Possibly the fact that one can use #if in C# makes platform
  dependent .dll files a reality. Possibly it is because of dependencies to
  C/C++ libraries. Possibly the endianness dependency of
  pnet-0.6.10/ilasm/ilasm_data.c matters...
- If GNU.Gettext.dll were to be installed in /usr/share, the program using it
  needs  "-L /usr/share -l GNU.Gettext"; in /usr/lib it needs only
  "-l GNU.Gettext".


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