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Re: config.rpath has non-locale-friendly sed

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: config.rpath has non-locale-friendly sed
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 09:13:27 -0500
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On Monday 07 February 2005 05:28 am, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> No.  This notation is not supported by all seds, and [a-zA-Z0-9_] will
> always be a superset of the desired set of characters and there is no
> danger of matching too much.

so the cases where 'a' is not the first letter and/or 'z' is not the last 
letter in the alphabet are ok ?

the biggest problem is the estonian locale:
as you can see with the purty picture, there are a bunch of letters after 
'Z' :/

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