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Re: libexecdir (non)usage

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: libexecdir (non)usage
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:42:46 +0100

   > ... Debian GNU/Hurd which must follow the FHS due to Debian
   > Policies.

   OK, thanks. So the FHS is not so irrelevant as you stated earlier.

Yeah it is, the whole issue with /libexec was essentially "can a
system distributor create a directory in / and still be compliant with
the FHS?", this applies to various things in Debian GNU/Hurd, not just
/libexec.  The Hurd uses /servers for various communication with core
translators, and /hurd to have all translators in one place.  All this
is totally irrelevant to reintroducing /libexec into the FHS or

   If a package wants to be a good citizen in Debian and other
   distributions, it needs to follow the FHS and not use

You read my mail to the FHS list, a package that wishes to be FHS
compliant can pass --libexecdir to configure.  And the main goal of
_any_ GNU project is to run on the GNU system, not on Debian or
anything else, all such systems are secondary.  This is what packages
in Debian do for things that use libexecdir, like gcc, emacs, tar, ...

Why are you putting up such a hard time with such a simple issue?

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