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Re: libexecdir/datadir used incorrectly

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: libexecdir/datadir used incorrectly
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:21:27 +0100

     2. Maybe the GCS need to state more clearly that packages should
        not install data directly in $(datadir), but rather do so in a
        subdirectory, because the definition of $(datadir) is the same
        for all projects.

I would like this too, specially when you consider the "configure
--datadir=FOO" and "make datadir=FOO install" scenarios.

Karl, could you forward the relevant bits (I could make a summary if
you are swamped with other stuff) to RMS with this patch?

(Maybe the wording should be stronger)

--- make-stds.texi      28 Jan 2005 02:34:13 +0100      1.38
+++ make-stds.texi      07 Feb 2005 21:20:46 +0100      
@@ -394,8 +394,8 @@ the same place as @samp{datarootdir}, bu
 variables so that you can move these idiosyncratic files without
 altering the location for Info files, man pages, etc.
-The default definition of @samp{datadir} should be
address@hidden(datarootdir)}.  (If you are using Autoconf, write it as
+By default, it should be @file{/usr/local/share}, but write it as
address@hidden(datadir)}.  (If you are using Autoconf, write it as
 @item sysconfdir

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