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gettext-0.14.1 check failures

From: pete Spam-Avoider
Subject: gettext-0.14.1 check failures
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 09:48:12 -0500

     gcc 2.95.3
     glibc  2.2.5
     linux  2.4.29


     I tried to post this message to gnu.utils.bug
     directly despite the warning that the
     group is moderated.  Sure hope this message
     isn't posted twice.

     I've downloaded and compiled gettext-0.14.1.  Except
     for 9 'warnings'  of "makes pointer from integer 
     without a cast" the compilation went fine.

     However when i did a 'make check' i got two failures
     and 21 not runs :

        2 of 220 tests failed
        (21 tests were not run)

     Here's the first "FAIL" with a little context:

        PASS: format-c-2
        PASS: format-c-3
        PASS: format-c-4
        Couldn't set locale.
        FAIL: format-c-5
        PASS: format-csharp-1
        PASS: format-csharp-2
        PASS: format-elisp-1

     And the second with some context:

        PASS: plural-1
        PASS: plural-2
        prog.c: In function `main':
        prog.c:26: warning: passing arg 1 of `printf' makes
                pointer from integer without a cast
        Couldn't set locale.
        SKIP: lang-c
        prog.cc: In function `int main(int, char **)':
        prog.cc:36: implicit declaration of function 
                `int ngettext(...)'
        prog.cc:36: no matching function for call to
                `gnu::autosprintf::autosprintf (int, int &)'
                candidates are: gnu::autosprintf::autosprintf
                (const char *, ...)
                (const gnu::autosprintf &)
        FAIL: lang-c++
        prog.m: In function `main':
        prog.m:26: warning: passing arg 1 of `printf' makes
                pointer from integer without a cast
        Couldn't set locale.
        SKIP: lang-objc
        Couldn't set locale.
        SKIP: lang-sh
        Couldn't set locale.
        SKIP: lang-bash
        SKIP: lang-python-1

     I'm not sure how to interpret the test results. Do the
     FAILs' indicate that i shouldn't install the package
     and should i be concerned about the SKIPs'?


     pete jordan
     x2164 AT mailcity com

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