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[PATCH] Gettext tools fail under Turkish locale (tr_TR)

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: [PATCH] Gettext tools fail under Turkish locale (tr_TR)
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 21:19:25 +0100
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Recai Oktaş wrote:
> Due to the infamous 'i/I' issue[1] of Turkish (and Azeri, as well), gettext
> tools fail under Turkish locale: 
>     $ echo $LANG
>     tr_TR
>     $ msgconv new.po -t UTF-8 -o old.po
>     msgconv: new.po: uyarı: "iso-8859-9" karakter kümesi kabul görmüş bir 
> isim değil.
>                             Kullanıcının karakter kümesine dönüşüm 
> yapılamıyabilir.
>     msgconv: mevcut karakter kümesi "iso-8859-9" kabul görmüş bir kodlama 
> ismi değil

Thanks for your report and patch. This problem will be fixed in the next
gettext release.

For the gettext-tools/ part of your patch, I've applied a similar patch that
also works for other encodings than ASCII (EBCDIC for example) and that
uses the existing c-ctype.[hc] files instead of duplicating their functionality.

For the gettext-runtime/ part of your patch, I do nothing because the only
use of this patch would be when a user sets
but the user can just as well set


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