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grep options -i and -o don't work together

From: Stephen White
Subject: grep options -i and -o don't work together
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 11:49:17 +0000
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Options -i and -o don't work together as one would expect.

Create a file containing 'foo' and 'FOO' on different lines. 'grep -i 
foo' will (correctly) find both occurances.

'grep -io foo' will not.

This problem was discovered using grep 2.5.1, but I have 
confirmed that the problem still exists in grep-2.5.1a.

The attached patch nearly fixes this by reusing code from the colour 
output option - however there is a slight bug with that code.

If the match expression is not all in lower case then the colour 
matching code doesn't work, and therefore neither does my fix.

ie. 'grep -io fOo' still doesn't work properly, nor does 'grep -io FOO', 
but 'grep -io foo' does.  I almost included code to run the match 
expression through a lowercasing function if (match_icase && 
(color_option || only_matching)) before grep does it's work but thought 
that was a bit hacky, and not knowing all of the grep code I wasn't sure 
if it would have unwanted side effects.


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