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GNU.Gettext with C#

From: Peter Mounce
Subject: GNU.Gettext with C#
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:31:23 -0000

I'm referring to the manual for gettext hosted at
http://www.kenthamilton.net/docs/gettext/gettext_toc.html.  I am researching
internationalization within Win32 .NET+C#, and have come across
Basically, I have spent the last 3/4s of my day attempting to find a binary
package that provides the required GNU.Gettext.dll for me to include as a
reference when I attempt to build an example project using Visual Studio
I've looked at the portable dotGNU project; I've looked in the gettext
distribution on sourceforge/gnuwin32; I've searched with google for any
instructions or clues.  I've read the documentation.
Where can I get it?  Do I have to build it myself?
Peter Mounce
e: mailto:address@hidden  w: http://www.iml.co.uk
t: (01428) 727476  f: (01428) 727011

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