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grep not installing from live-cd

From: Dennis Heuer
Subject: grep not installing from live-cd
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 04:40:31 +0000


I am currently installing a new system from a live-cd because this is more 'fresh' than the old system. Grep compiled cleanly but wanted to set a symlink from /usr/bin/egrep though the live-cd is write-protected. This is interesting especially because the install command was:

make DESTDIR=/mnt/hda6 install

Shouldn't grep actually try to set the link from $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/egrep?

please have a look at this...

P.s.: I find it annoying that grep breaks installation if egrep and fgrep are 
already existing. In my opinion, it deletes and re-sets them or it prints a 
message and goes on...


Dennis Heuer

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