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sed problem with ^ and \

From: Jonathan_Cook
Subject: sed problem with ^ and \
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 13:23:21 +0100

Hi there,

We just moved from HP-UX 11 to Linux and I have a behaviour difference 
with a regular expression pattern with sed.

My sed filter is supposed to delete everything in the file that is not 
between <SQL> and </SQL>


This worked fine on HP-UX but on Linux the ^ doesn't seem to be 
recognised to mean "start of line" and it also doesn't seem to like the 
\ escape before the < or >.

I see in the regexp man page that -lineanchor can enable treatment of ^ 
and $ as start and end of line but I can't see how to get sed to 
recognise that.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


Jonathan Cook
Cargill International S.A.
World Trading Unit, IT
14 Chemin De-Normandie
CH-1206 Geneva
Mobile: +41 -76 440 4147
Office: +41 -22 703 2946
Email:  address@hidden

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