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Questions about patch

From: Gary Setter
Subject: Questions about patch
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 18:12:19 GMT


I was having problems with patch, I'm a Windows, VC6, and BCB5.5,
and GNU C++ user. I downloaded the source from gnu.org solved my
problem, and then patched it to compile with everything I use.
Now I've got questions and I would like to make my changes
available to others.

The questions, What is with the names of all the low level
functions and the structures they use? If you define __STDC__,
some define a struct called _stat and a function of the same name.
Others define struct stat and a function of the same name. Thre are several
other structs and fucntions with the same problem.

So I was defining macros based on the complier type to straighten things
out. It's kind of ugly. Do the people who maintain the run times and header
files have any inclination to standardize? Does anyone here know what is
going on and can ease my troubled mind?

Last, where would I submit a proposed patch to patch.

Best regards,

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