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grep : Paragraph Parameter

From: martin . roedlach
Subject: grep : Paragraph Parameter
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 16:49:41 +0200


I'm normally an AIX Admin and I just found a curious thing in the GNU 
I had to trans-script a little program from AIX to Linux and my program is
using some grep's - especially for grepping paragraph's.
But the parameter -p is missing in the GNU version.

Could You please integrate this parameter - would be very nice.

Here is the part of the manual page on AIX:

   Displays the entire paragraph containing matched lines. 
   Paragraphs are delimited by paragraph separators, as specified 
   by the Separator parameter, which are patterns in the same form 
   as the search pattern. Lines containing the paragraph separators 
   are used only as separators; they are never included in the output.
   The default paragraph separator is a blank line.

Many Outputs are separated into paragraphs (for example: vgdisplay, 
pvdisplay, ...)
and for writing a wrapper its a lot more work doing this with other tools.
Especially for me it's important because of commercial Software I'm using
on AIX, Solaris and Linux. (Solaris has the same problem - no -p 

Thanks a lot

My Best Regards

Martin Rödlach 

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