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Re: Gettext and the \v escape characters

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Gettext and the \v escape characters
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 12:44:33 +0200
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Asgeir Frimannsson wrote:
> Noticed a bug(?) when playing with escape characters in c sources and
> Gettext.
> gettext("hello \t world");
> gettext("hello \v world");
> In the PO file, '\t' is preserved, but '\v' is converted to a vertical tab
> character.
> I'm not convinced it's a bug, or if it is just me being picky (who would
> use \v in a internationalised message?) - but I figure I'd post it anyway
> :)

It's not a bug, since the documentation of the PO file syntax does not
go into this detail.

But I'm now changing the gettext tools to emit \v as "\v", like you suggest,
and produce a warning
  internationalized messages should not contain the `\v' escape sequence
(like they already do for \b, \f, \r).


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