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Help with Gawk for Windows 3.1.3

From: al.pashazadeh
Subject: Help with Gawk for Windows 3.1.3
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 13:14:00 -0500


I just installed Gawk for Window version 3.1.3 (complete setup) on a
Windows XP machine and am having problem with running it from DOS
command tool.  I use awk on my Unix servers and am very familiar with
its syntax.  This is the first time I am running it on my Windows XP
machine.  Here is a my first command and the error message that I get:

C:\WINDOWS>gawk '{ print $1 "\t" $2 }' /data/awkt.txt
gawk: cmd. line:1: '{
gawk: cmd. line:1: ^ invalid char ''' in expression


Any idea why the gawk command complaining about the single quote.  Thank
you for any help.


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