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Re: diffutils bug (diff exe): ignore-file-name-case option

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: diffutils bug (diff exe): ignore-file-name-case option
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:16:38 -0600
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Martin Schmidt-Linden wrote:
> the diff program from diffutils doesn't operate the "ignore-file-name-case"
> option correctly. I used diffutils 2.8.1 source from gnu.org to verify this.
> The problem is in dir.c, in the function:
> static int compare_names (char const *name1, char const *name2)
> which at first checks for ignore-file-name-case, but then checks for
> locale-sensitive name compare (locale_specific_sorting) and doesn't ignore
> the filename case anymore.
> The return value uses:
> return file_name_cmp (name1, name2);
> which equals to strcmp and also doesn't ignore the filename case.

Thanks for reporting the problem.  This thread chronicles a previous
discussion concerning the problem you reported.  It is apparently
fixed in the current CVS and testing version diffutils-2.8.7.  The
next release will include a fix for this problem.


I think this might be the change that fixed it.  It is in the area.


Unfortunately there are no plans for a new diffutils release anytime
soon.  So there is no way to predict when a fix would get released.


I suggest getting the current alpha test version and verifying that it
is operating correctly for you in your environment.  Please report any
problems found as that version is the current development track.



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