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Re: file magic for SVG

From: Christos Zoulas
Subject: Re: file magic for SVG
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 12:53:24 -0400

On Jun 27,  5:46pm, address@hidden (Stepan Kasal) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: file magic for SVG

| > > I cannot understand why should the second line contain the flag "b" when
| > > there is no blank in the string "<svg".
| > 
| > Now that you mention it I suppose I should have escaped a space <svg\ but
| > then it is possible although rare to see <svg> more often there would be a
| I'm not sure I know what's the right way here.  Hopefully the maintainer
| of file will help us here.

So you could have:
0       string/cB       \<!DOCTYPE\ svg         SVG image data
0       string/c        \<svg\>                 SVG image data
0       string/cb       \<svg\                  SVG image data


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