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Re: can't run *.exe files in gettext-tools/ in mingw (gettext-0.14.6)

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: can't run *.exe files in gettext-tools/ in mingw (gettext-0.14.6)
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 15:15:09 +0200
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haibin zhang wrote:
> I have built gettext-0.14.6 in mingw in windows XP, but I can't run *.exe 
> files that build from gettext-tools/  directory, example : msgmerge.exe
> I can build it ,the following line is my configure parameter:
> ./configure --prefix=/mingw LDFLAGS=-lmsvcp60 CFLAGS=-O2 CXXFLAGS=-O2

The gettext-0.14.x releases don't support building on mingw. The only
Woe32-based platform supported in these releases is Cygwin, and only
with --disable-shared.

gettext-0.15 shall support mingw. You can try the prerelease at
(It's a prerelease. autopoint doesn't work in prereleases, but the rest

Thanks for the report.


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