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feature request for "find": -newer X Y file

From: Thomas Guettler
Subject: feature request for "find": -newer X Y file
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 10:44:31 +0200
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The BSD find command has this feature:

 -newer X Y file
   True if the current file has a more recent last access time ( X = a),
   change time ( X = c), or modification time ( X = m) than the last
   access time ( Y = a), change time ( Y = c), or modification time ( Y
   = m) of file. In addition, if Y = t, then file is instead interpreted
   as a direct date specification of the form understood by cvs(1). Note
   that -newermm is equivalent to -newer.

With this, you can avoid to create a temporary file, if you search
for all files of a given date:

# 7. July, MMDDHHMM
touch -t 07070000 ~/tmp/start
touch -t 07072359 ~/tmp/end
find -newer ~/tmp/start \! -newer ~/tmp/end

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