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Re: gettext: gnulib update; less automake warnings

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: gettext: gnulib update; less automake warnings
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:12:57 +0200
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Hi Ralf,

> I found some minor nits in gettext.
> 1) In gettext-runtime/src/Makefile.am, per-target compilation flags are
> used.  For better portability, you should either use AM_PROG_CC_C_O in
> gettext-runtime/configure.ac, or replace the per-target flags with one
> setting of AM_CPPFLAGS (defines do not belong in AM_CFLAGS).

The fact that gettext is using these per-target CFLAGS since 2003
(gettext-0.12) and no bug has been reported about it in 3 years
indicates that the set of C compilers that don't support -c together with -o
is negligible. So it seems appropriate to mark the AC_PROG_CC_C_O macro
obsolete in autoconf, and AM_PROG_CC_C_O obsolete in automake, no?

> gettext-runtime:
> 2006-08-16  Ralf Wildenhues  <address@hidden>
>       * src/Makefile.am (AM_CFLAGS): Use instead of per-target flags.
>       (gettext_CFLAGS, ngettext_CFLAGS, envsubst_CFLAGS): Removed.
> gettext-tools:
> 2006-08-16  Ralf Wildenhues  <address@hidden>
>       * configure.ac: Use AM_PROG_CC_C_O.

Thanks for the patches. I would prefer the second one, but since I think
that the entire issue is moot nowadays, I'm applying neither.

> 2) With the following patches in place, I can bootstrap and build
> current CVS gettext with current CVS autotools and gnulib (`dist'
> fails for me, presumably due to missing third-party packages on my
> system).

Yes, "make dist" in gettext requires KDE installed in a particular place...

> gnulib-local:
> 2006-08-16  Ralf Wildenhues  <address@hidden>
>       * modules/gettext-tools-misc: Drop m4/restrict.m4.

Thanks, I already found this myself.

> gettext-tools/m4:
> 2006-08-16  Ralf Wildenhues  <address@hidden>
>       * regex.m4 (gl_PREREQ_REGEX): Adjust to gnulib change: use
>       AC_C_RESTRICT instead of gl_C_RESTRICT.

Thanks, here you were quicker than me. Applied.


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