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Re: make check problem gettext 0.15

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: make check problem gettext 0.15
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 22:04:26 +0200
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Stephen Cartwright wrote:
> I did a make check after building gettext 0.15 on an Alpha Tru64 system.
> The testing gets to this line: "PASS: msgen-3"
> and then stays there. I have left it for about 16 hours and it is still there.
> I assume the test is not supposed to take this long?

Indeed, even the slowest tests should give some output at least once
a minute or so. The test that hangs is the one after msgen-3, namely
msgexec-1. Can you please
  1) look with "ps aux" or "ps -elf" which process is hanging for so
     long (probably a msgexec and another one) and which of the two
     has burnt or is burning a lot of CPU time?
  2) give some details about the configuration command line, compiler,
     optimisation flags etc. so that I have a chance to reproduce?


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