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GNU gettext 0.16 released

From: autotools-announce-owner
Subject: GNU gettext 0.16 released
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 10:37:16 -0400

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: GNU gettext 0.16 released Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 16:34:36 +0200
GNU gettext 0.16 is available.  Now from


and soon also from the GNU mirrors listed here:



Changes for maintainers, since version 0.15:

* Interoperability with automake-1.10.  Gettext-0.15 does _not_ work with the
  recently released automake-1.10.  Gettext-0.16 works with automake-1.10, as
  well as with automake-1.9.x and automake-1.8.x.

* gettextize, when invoked without --intl option, now installs only the .m4
  files that are needed: gettext.m4, iconv.m4, lib-ld.m4, lib-link.m4,
  lib-prefix.m4, nls.m4, po.m4, progtest.m4.

* gettextize no longer creates symbolic links by default; it makes file copies
  instead.  The option --copy is removed.  You can get back the flawed
  symlinking behaviour by specifying the --symlink option.

* Autoconf macros:
  - The gettext autoconf macros now require autoconf 2.52 or newer.
  - A new autoconf macro AM_GNU_GETTEXT_INTL_SUBDIR is added. It allows to
    specify the presence of an intl/ subdirectory outside the AM_GNU_GETTEXT
  - A new autoconf macro AM_GNU_GETTEXT_NEED is added. It allows to specify
    the requirements relating to the GNU gettext implementation outside the
    AM_GNU_GETTEXT invocation.


Changes for translators, since version 0.15:

* msgmerge has a new option --previous that has the effect of saving the
  previous msgid of message when making them fuzzy. These previous msgids are
  stored in the resulting PO file, using a pseudo-comment syntax like this:

     #, fuzzy
     #| msgid "too many arguments"
     msgid "too few arguments"
     msgstr "trop d'arguments"

  The translator then only needs to compare the previous and the current
  msgid ("too many arguments" and "too few arguments"), and infer which
  parts of the translation she needs to change.

  msgattrib has a new option --clear-previous that removes these #| lines.

* msgmerge is faster now on CPUs with multiple execution units, if compiled
  with GCC 4.2 or newer.  Note: GCC 4.2 is not yet released.

* msgcmp now ignores fuzzy and untranslated messages in the PO file.
  Previously it considered fuzzy and untranslated messages the same way as
  translated messages, which was hardly useful.  The previous behaviour can
  be obtained through the options --use-fuzzy --use-untranslated.


Other changes:

* The libgettextpo library no longer exports symbols that could clash with
  symbols of the application that uses it.

* Vastly improved French translations. Thanks to Christophe Combelles.

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