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gettext-0.16.1 fails installation on SGI IRIX64

From: Paul Martinolich
Subject: gettext-0.16.1 fails installation on SGI IRIX64
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 14:18:11 -0600

On SGI IRIX 64 6.5 6.5.20m fails.

I am not on this list.

make[6]: Entering directory `/home/martinol/build-pioneer/ gettext-0.16.1/gettext-tools/examples'
make[6]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
./../../build-aux/install-sh -c -d /home/martinol/auto_v4.0/devel/ mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples for f in hello-c/INSTALL hello-c/autogen.sh hello-c/autoclean.sh hello-c/hello.c hello-c/Makefile.am hello-c/configure.ac hello-c/m4/ Makefile.am hello-c/po/Makevars hello-c/po/POTFILE

[SNIP a bunch of lines listing everything in

README; do \
  d=`echo /$f | sed -e 's,/[^/]*$,,'`; \
test -z "$d" || ./../../build-aux/install-sh -c -d /home/martinol/ auto_v4.0/devel/mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples$d || exit 1; \
  b=`echo $f | sed -e 's,^.*/,,'`; \
  if test $b = autogen.sh || test $b = autoclean.sh; then \
echo "../../build-aux/install-sh -c ./$f /home/martinol/ auto_v4.0/devel/mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples/$f"; \ ../../build-aux/install-sh -c ./$f /home/martinol/auto_v4.0/ devel/mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples/$f; \
  else \
echo "../../build-aux/install-sh -c -m 644 ./$f /home/martinol/ auto_v4.0/devel/mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples/$f"; \ ../../build-aux/install-sh -c -m 644 ./$f /home/martinol/ auto_v4.0/devel/mips-sgi-irix646.5/share/doc/gettext/examples/$f; \
  fi; \
make[6]: execvp: /bin/sh: Arg list too long
make[6]: *** [install-data-local] Error 127

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