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An issue about gwak 3.1.1, is it a bug?

From: 高磊
Subject: An issue about gwak 3.1.1, is it a bug?
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:22:20 +0800


Here is an issue of gawk, may be a bug :


SYS: Linux 2.4.31-2bs #2 SMP Wed Mar 22 11:39:55 CST 2006 i686 i686 i386

GWAK: GNU Awk 3.1.1


I have a file named a.log,(the delimiter is Tab)


$ cat a.log

1abc    2abc

3abc    4abc

5abc    6abc


And then I wrote a command as:

$ awk 'FS="\t" gsub(/a/,"A",$1){print $0,NF}' a.log

1Abc 2abc 2

3Abc    4Abc 1

5Abc    6Abc 1


Why this? The delimiter of first line is space, but other lines is Tab)


I know the “FS=” is invalible,

but such command’s result is right:

$ awk '{FS="\t"; gsub(/a/,"A",$1);print $0,NF}' a.log

1Abc 2abc 2

3Abc 4abc 2

5Abc 6abc 2


I guess there is something wrong between “FS=” and “gsub”.


I am glad to receive any reply, thanksJ





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