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Re: egrep bug

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: egrep bug
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 14:02:58 -0700
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Ron La Bau wrote:
> Please disregard.  Apparently in windows you have to use double quotes
> around the expression.  This tutorial said to use single quotes.
>> Hi,  Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I have just downloaded egrep from
>> this site: http://analyser.oli.tudelft.nl/regex/index.html.en
>> And when I perform the example, '^a', should only return 'apple', but it
>> returns all of the fruits that contain an 'a'.  It says this '^'
>> character is supposed to return the beginning match?  Is something wrong
>> with this?  Thanks.

The GNU tools are of course GNU system centric.  In the GNU system the
command line shell is actually a programing language capable shell and
both single quotes and double quotes have their uses.  Since you are
using the tools on a non-gnu system you will need to keep your head up
for these types of differences and understanding your system better
than we do make allowances accordingly.

Just as an fyi but the address@hidden mailing list is
available for help for general use of the utilities.  Specifically for
help as opposed to bug reporting.  For Windows specific issues the
best place is one of the windows lists such as the http://cygwin.com
mailing lists.

Good luck!

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