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Feature request: ability to copy a po_message

From: F Wolff
Subject: Feature request: ability to copy a po_message
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 10:54:40 +0200

We are trying to use libgettextpo from Python, and hitting an issue not
being able to duplicate (copy) a po_message.

While it is probably possible to go through all members of a unit to try
to imitate this, it will be hard to maintain and bug prone. This request
is for a utility function in libgettextpo to make a deep copy of a
po_message, in order to enable us to deepcopy a message from one file
into another, or simply to duplicate a message for some other purpose.
This way we will be able to free files without the risk of attempting to
free memory twice since a shallow copy was made.

If I missed this functionality, any help in doing it properly would be


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