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[GDBM] On x86 fails to read db created on armel and vice versa

From: Max Lapan
Subject: [GDBM] On x86 fails to read db created on armel and vice versa
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 23:53:01 +0300
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Today I found strange problem with libgdbm, and not sure this is a bug
or feature. I have one small program which creates gdbm hash from set
of pictures and other program which will enumerate and optionally dump
them. When I run both programs on one one platform, they work
fine. But when I try to open hash file created on x86 box on armel
platform it failed to obtain most of the records. The same error I got
when I try to open DB created on armel using x86 box.

On both platforms I use 1.8.3-3 version from debian. I tried to
compile 1.8.3 without debian patches, but problem persists. I attached
archive with sources of both programs (dbm_dump and dbm_update) and
two databases x86.db and armel.db. Both databases built from one set
of files.

wbr, Max Lapan

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