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Gawk-3.1.6 for Windows

From: Dwaine.Thomas
Subject: Gawk-3.1.6 for Windows
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 09:58:20 -0500

I wanted to report a problem with gawk-3.1.6 for windows that I
encountered.  I had been using gawk for many years on Linux with a
script that I made for monthly accounting purposes. Now having moved our
application to Windows XP, I have a problem.  I had been using the Linux
command line:

gawk -f filename */*/data/*/title 

The "title" file had 5 fields of data separated by a space, and the
"filename" was looking at the fourth field, printed the title file, and
tabulated the number appearing in the fourth field.  This gave us
monthly totals for reporting.

Now in Windows, I used the following command:

gawk -f filename *\*\data\*\title and get the error, ...315:
fatal:cannot open file '*\*\data\*\title' for reading (Invalid argument)

I know gawk and the "filename" work, because I can give the command to a
single file, such as,

gawk -f filename name1\10\data\1\title

This gives me the expected results.  Something is going on with the


Dwaine Thomas

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