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Re: A BUG of 64-bit integer addition

From: Jürgen Kahrs
Subject: Re: A BUG of 64-bit integer addition
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 12:57:04 +0200
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John Cowan schrieb:

Does it?  The C double type is not technically portable, although it is
portable on all modern CPUs.

I am not the ISO C standard expert, but I remember
some patches and fixes by GNU maintainers like
Arnold Robbins and Paul Eggert. For a short time,
support for native 64 bit floating point was tried
(and it worked). But imagine what happened to the
regression tests: some failed because actual results
of arithmetic depends on the local machine. In the
end, both agreed that 64 bit floats shouldnt be
supported. It was Paul Eggert (if I remember correctly)
who supplied the patch after Arnold Robbins had decided
on the issue. After this, only very few further problems
were reported (mostly on printf formatting details).

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