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po-mode.el: three patches providing bug fixes and a small new feature

From: Noritada Kobayashi
Subject: po-mode.el: three patches providing bug fixes and a small new feature
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 17:23:55 +0900


I posted three patches for po-mode.el (from my university address) in
May but have not yet got replies.  I'm afraid my messages accidentally
got lost (e.g. via spam filters) or were somewhat impolite.  Since
they provides some bug fixes and a small new feature that would gain
usability, and it would be good if they can be seen in the official
CVS repository, I'm sending this reminder.  Sorry for nudging.

Here I provide post URLs with logs (which my previous messages lack):

http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnu-utils/2008-05/msg00028.html :

2008-05-29  Noritada Kobayashi  <address@hidden>

        * po-mode.el: Fix failure of po-msgid-to-msgstr just after
        opening a buffer.
        (po-msgstr-form-flavor): Deleted.  This variable was not set
        until calling po-get-msgstr-form.
        (po-get-msgstr-form): Do not set po-msgstr-form-flavor.
        (po-set-msgstr-form): Call po-get-msgstr-flavor instead of using

http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnu-utils/2008-05/msg00031.html :

2008-05-31  Noritada Kobayashi  <address@hidden>

        * po-mode.el: Fix a copying operation of msgid value in an entry
        with msgid_plural.
        (po-start-of-msgid-plural): New variable for storing the starting
        point of msgid_plural.
        (po-any-msgid-plural-msgstr-regexp): New regular expression for
        recognizing msgid_plural areas.
        (po-find-span-of-entry): Corretly recognize msgid_plural area and
        set po-start-of-msgid-plural.
        (po-get-msgid): Copy msgid value from an area between
        po-start-of-msgid and po-start-of-msgid-plural, not between
        po-start-of-msgid and po-start-of-msgstr-block.

http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gnu-utils/2008-05/msg00032.html :

2008-05-31  Noritada Kobayashi  <address@hidden>

        * po-mode.el: Enable deleting previous msgids beginning with "#|"
        automatically in unfuzzying entries including them.
        (po-auto-delete-previous-msgid): New customization varialbe for
        automatically deleting previous msgid when unfuzzying msgstr.
        (po-start-of-previous-msgid): New variable for storing the
        starting point of previous msgid.
        (po-any-previous-msgid-msgctxt-msgid-regexp): New regular
        expression for recognizing previous-msgid areas.
        (po-find-span-of-entry): Corretly recognize previous-msgid area
        and set po-start-of-previous-msgid.
        (po-delete-previous-msgid): New function for deleting previous
        (po-unfuzzy): Call po-delete-previous-msgid after unfuzzying the
        entry if it has previous msgid and po-auto-delete-previous-msgid
        allows automatic deletion.  When po-auto-delete-previous-msgid is
        'ask, ask users before deletion.

Many thanks,


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