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Re: LC_CTYPE implementation help

From: Aragon Gouveia
Subject: Re: LC_CTYPE implementation help
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 02:22:48 +0200
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| By Bruno Haible <address@hidden>
|                                          [ 2008-08-28 01:32 +0200 ]
> Yes. gettext does not replace the system's locales. If you are on a system
> with broken locales, then either you have a localedef command (like on
> glibc or Solaris systems), or you are hosed (that's the case on most
> other systems, including *BSD, Cygwin, mingw).

You got me a bit alarmed there, so I did some poking around in FreeBSD's
locale design.  Looks like it has mklocale(1) and colldef(1) for compiling
LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE system locale source files.  The remaining locale
categories are generated by the source build system somehow.  The OS's
source tree has source files for all the LC_* categories so at worst it
should be possible to add to/change the stock locales by rebuilding the OS. 
I see atleast one locale that is missing (mine, en_ZA) so I'll make a point
of asking freebsd-i18n what's involved in adding locales for all
categories. :)

> FreeBSD <ctype.h> are certainly multibyte aware. But isalnum() is not
> sufficient for testing whether '?' is a lower-case or upper-case letter
> because often strlen("?") == 2.
> > edit: just noticed FreeBSD has ctype functions like iswalnum() for handling
> > "wide characters" and are declared in wctype.h.  Cool! :)
> Yes, mbtowc() + iswalnum() together are a working replacement for isalnum().
> But I would not recommend to use functions which work on wide character
> *strings* (wchar_t*) - doing so causes more problems that it solves. The
> preferred representations for strings continue to be char* strings,
> either in locale encoding (the default) or in UTF-8 encoding (see also
> the unistr/u8* functions in gnulib).

I'll need to do some testing.  Another worry for me is that I suspect there
are very few FreeBSD users that actually use locale sensitive functions
with multibyte characters, so who knows what state they're in. :)

Thanks a lot for all the advice!


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