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Help needed - uuencode: command not found !!!

From: Priyanka Das
Subject: Help needed - uuencode: command not found !!!
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2009 12:44:10 +0530

Hello ,


This is how I have written the uuencode to send the tar file to
recipient. When uudecode is run on the target system, the file '"
$nametar.tgz" will be created


#send the tar file to the recipient

(uuencode $product_usage_tar_dir/$nametar.tgz  $nametar.tgz) | mailx -s
"Product Usage Details" $emailrecipients


But when I try to execute the script I do get this error :-


line 72: uuencode: command not found


Can you please suggest me , what could be the probable reason behind it


Thanks and Regards

Priyanka Das | Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Winchester , Hiranandani Business Park, Powai,

Mumbai - 400 076, INDIA

tel.No.:+91 22 3051 1000 | Extn:1122 | http://www.xoriant.com

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