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Re: Grammatical fixes in gawk manual v.3.1.8

From: Peter Axon
Subject: Re: Grammatical fixes in gawk manual v.3.1.8
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 09:14:53 +1100 (EST)

Hello Ralf,

> Peter Axon wrote on Thu, Dec 02, 2010 at 03:11:19AM CET:
> > --- doc/gawk.texi       2010-04-20 18:41:01.000000000 +1000
> > +++ doc/gawk-new.texi   2010-12-02 13:01:52.000000000 +1100
> > @@ -12779,7 +12779,7 @@
> >  The @var{regexp} argument may be either a regexp constant
> >  (@samp{/@dots{}/}) or a string constant (@var{"@dots{}"}).
> >  In the latter case, the string is treated as a regexp to be matched.
> > address@hidden Regexps}, for a
> > +See @ref{Computed Regexps}, for a

Ralf Wildenhues wrote Thu, 2 Dec 2010 08:24:27 +0100:
> This is better changed into
>    @xref{...}
> because @xref already includes the "See" (or "Note") in some of the
> various output formats.  See 'info texinfo "Reference Syntax"'.

Ah I see. I didn't think to check the other output formats. I was
reading the HTML version however I do remeber having a problem like
this with Texinfo before. It seems the HTML output has neither `See'
or `Note'. The sentences in question just start out:

``Computed Regexps for a discussion ...''

Did you want me to change the two @refs to @xrefs and submit a new

What about the final hunk below?

@@ -27243,7 +27243,7 @@
 @cindex address@hidden data-driven
 @command{awk} manages the reading of data for you, as well as the
 breaking it up into records and fields.  Your program's job is to
-tell @command{awk} what to with the data.  You do this by describing
+tell @command{awk} what to do with the data.  You do this by describing
 @dfn{patterns} in the data to look for, and @dfn{actions} to execute
 when those patterns are seen.  This @dfn{data-driven} nature of
 @command{awk} programs usually makes them both easier to write

Are these things annoying? I know they're only small but I just want
to help if I notice something.



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