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Re: uuencode: multi-bytes char in remote file name contains bytes >0x80

From: ��叁
Subject: Re: uuencode: multi-bytes char in remote file name contains bytes >0x80
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 21:44:13 +0800

Let me try to write something in English.
Please to correct my English. :-)

firstly, thanks to Korb for reading my ugly code. :)
Korb is

the problem is users using uuencode to
uuencode a file, he may expect every
btye is ASCII in encodeed file.
but when a NOT-ASCII file name apears,
the problem comes.

uuencode was designed many years ago.
So I belive it's a requirement not a bug.

Let's focus on this question before further discuss.

Q: Is it necessary to do this:
    add a option, make uuencode supports  the file name encoding.

I also post my code here, but it's still buggy.
1. strlen may be wrong to count how many bytes in argv[optind].
2. filename encoding may be better to bese on '-m'
3. as Korb says
4. and so on...



2011/7/5 Bruno Haible <address@hidden>

> Eli,
> > > An obvious problem with the patch is that it considers a file name to
> be a
> > > byte sequence. But different users may work in different locales, with
> > > different encodings.
> And users want to see the original filenames. Users don't want to see
> mojibake,
> that is, a mix of garbled characters (see attached screenshot).
> > Doesn't the same problem exist with the file's data itself?
> No, there is normally no problem with the contents of the files, because
> users
> have learned to use file formats that are independent of locale. When users
> send images (.jpeg or .png), text documents (.html, .odt, .rtf, even .doc),
> presentations (.pdf, .odp), etc. they have no problem. And those few users
> who
> receive plain text (.txt) files have the option to change the character
> encoding in the browser they use to view the text file (in mozilla: via the
> View > Encoding menu).
> But when uudecode has created files with garbled names on the receiver's
> disk,
> there is no program which will magically fix it.
> > IMO, it's not uuencode's problem to solve.  The correspondents need to
> > solve it "by some other means" (TM), for file data as for its name.
> No, communication that matches users' reasonable expectations does not
> work like this.
> Bruno
> --
> In memoriam Yonatan Netanyahu <
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yonatan_Netanyahu>

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