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re: request for feature: umask control with GNU make

From: Brian Vandenberg
Subject: re: request for feature: umask control with GNU make
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:24:11 -0000
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This is in response to an older thread from quite a few years back:

The original problem and suggested solution were: how to control umask
globally from the makefile (assuming make never implemented a native
feature for it), and the suggested solution was:

SHELL = umask 002; exec /bin/sh

This approach only works on some platforms.  In Solaris, for example,
it causes segfaults.

A more robust solution (using bash; I'm sure there's an 'sh'

SHELL = /bin/bash --noprofile -c 'umask 002; shift; eval "$$2"' --


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