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Re: sharutils || uuencode

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: sharutils || uuencode
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2020 07:19:05 -0800
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I can confirm that there isn't much call for updating the thing. Anyway, being supported in RedHat is different from being supported (on a _very_ casual, as-needed basis). Also, to the best of my knowledge, POSIX still requires the utility, but I think it's past time to deprecate it there, too. With all mailers handling MIME attachments, I see little reason to continue support.

 - Bruce (the sharutils "maintainer")

On 12/3/20 2:52 PM, pushkar.shandilya@bt.com wrote:
Hi Team,
Hope you all are doing well during these asking times for humanity.

Requesting you to kindly share your thoughts on the below issue that I have on 

Problem Statement:

I am currently upgrading my server from "OEL5-u10 v1.0" to "OL7-latest v1.0". 
The version are basically Oracle enterprise linux versions though they are same as RHEL versions.

The particular utility uuencode was running fine on OEL5 but is not working on 
OL7. The attachments in OL7 are not getting attached but rather getting pasted 
in mail body.

I was surfing through google to see if I can get help on any forum and found 
one below URL which says that uuencode is no longer being supported from 
version 6 onwards of RHEL.

Uuencode for mail attachments not working 

"The sharutils package that used to provide uuencode was deprecated in rhel6, since 
mailx is able to send MIME attachments, as you have already figured out."

Could you kindly confirm the same please?

Thanks and Regards,
Pushkar Shandilya

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