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Re: [Gnuastro home page] Proposed changes

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: Re: [Gnuastro home page] Proposed changes
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 00:34:26 +0000
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Hello Thérèse,

Thanks a lot for the great fixes! I agree with all of them, and have committed them (in your name) into the Gnuastro source (in Gnuastro's source, the English and French versions are in the 'doc/gnuastro.en.html' and 'doc/gnuastro.fr.html'):


They have also been uploaded onto the official webpage.

I really appreciate your help in keeping the webpage style up to date and in sync with the core GNU style, thanks a lot :-).


On 1/13/21 1:33 PM, Thérèse Godefroy wrote:

The Gnuastro home page contains a few HTML tags and attributes that
don't fit with its HTML5 header. I propose to replace them with valid
markup and do some other minor changes:

*English version*

* <style>: use existing classes (see https://gnu.org/layout.css) to
simplify definitions.

* Introduction: place it on top, without heading, for better visibility
on smartphones.

* Download: emphasize the latest release and the note about new releases.

* Repology table: remove align="right" ('pict' class does the job).

* Documentation: keep the commands from wrapping; use <kbd> instead of
<code> (light gray background); <var> for placeholders (italics).

* Test releases: reword to avoid displaying clusters of long URLs
(difficult to read, especially with accessibility tools).

* Recent citations of Gnuastro: replace <font size=2> with <small> (same
rendering with Firefox).

* Footer:  delete an irrelevant comment about translations (software
pages are usually not translated by the gnu.org teams).

* Boilerplate edits:
   http > https where possible,
   local URLs relative to server root,
   update to version 1.95.

*French translation*

* Same changes as in the English version.

* Replace <cite> with <i> for English words.

* Minor edits.

* Review the comment about GSoC: it may be useful in the future.

* In the footer, delete an irrelevant paragraph about translation.

A diff is attached. If you agree with the changes, but don't have time
to commit them, I will gladly do it.

Best regards,

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