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Re: asttable --information hangs

From: Hilderic Browne
Subject: Re: asttable --information hangs
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2022 14:55:07 -0400
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Hi Mohammad,

First, thanks for such a quick reply!

In answer to the question from your first email, I don't know if the file in this form is available on the web. It came from a CD-ROM entitled "Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Vol. 1" available in the early 2000s from NASA. the table is question isn't too huge after gzipping, so I've taken the liberty of attaching it. It does read, search, and display correctly using the "fv" FITS viewer and with the python PyFITS module.

Your test case works fine. Further, I checked some other FITS tables from a different source, specifically byproducts of astrometry.net, and they don't cause the problem either.

So the problem seems to be specific to catalogs from the above CD-ROM. It occurs to me that all the ones I've tried have something in common: they contain multiple ASCII (not binary) HDUs. But I don't know if this is a useful clue or not...

Hilderic Browne
Rimouski QC

On 2022-07-06 13:58, Mohammad Akhlaghi wrote:
Hi again,

Since you mentioned that it happens on any FITS table, to help narrow-down the cause, can you please run the following commands:

1. Put the following contents into a plain-txt file called 'table.txt' (following the Gnuastro plain-text table format: https://www.gnu.org/software//gnuastro/manual/html_node/Gnuastro-text-table-format.html )

# Column 1: A [m, u16] First test column
# Column 2: B [m, f32] Second test column
# Column 3: C [m, f32] Third test column
1    2.3    3.7
2    2.4    3.8
3    2.5    3.9
4    2.6    3.0

2. Convert this basic plain-text table into a FITS table with the following command:

asttable table.txt --output=table.fits

3. Try getting the column information from both the formats ('-i' is the short format for '--information'):

asttable table.txt  -i
asttable table.fits -i

Does the problem also happen in the last command above?


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