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[Bug-gnubg] Re: GnuBg dll and licensing

From: Dennis Jarosch
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Re: GnuBg dll and licensing
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:47:18 +0200
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thank you very much for your fast reply. Indeed you have not only supplied a case that is very similar to ours, but have also made a statement on your point of view.

To me this is the key-statement:

} This is true even if he supplies a public service on a network that uses GPL
} code on his machine.

My interpretation therefore is that if we decide to offer a GnuBg bot on our server, this would not violate the GPL.

I am very relieved about this. I am still a cs-student and therefore my sympathies go to the open source community.

If you are interested I will keep the you (or anybody on the list) informed on whether and when GnuBg will be publicly available on our game-platform?

Please feel free to come and check out Playmaker!

Thank you again,


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