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[Bug-gnubg] gettext 0.11 anyone?

From: Øystein O Johansen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] gettext 0.11 anyone?
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:49:59 +0200

Hi all!

The message below was posted by Allin Cottrell
<address@hidden> to gimpwin-dev mailing list some weeks ago.
I think he faced the same problem as me, but he made his .gmo files on the
Linux computer instead of the Windows computer.


OK, I solved my problem with all strings containing accented
characters disappearing in the win32 port of my gtk app. Not that it
took a lot of figuring, since it's there in big letters on Tor's site:
gtk-1.3 and up uses utf-8, you can't pass it iso8859-X strings!

If your NLS catalogs are in iso8859-X one option is to re-encode the
translated strings on the fly, before passing them to gtk functions,
using g_locale_to_utf8(), but if your program is at all verbose (mine
is) this is just too painful to contemplate.

The alternative is to convert the message catalogs to utf-8, which
fortunately is very easy using "msgconv -t utf-8".  I did that, and
suddenly all my menus were complete!  Nice, but you're not totally out
of the woods.  I find I now have to convert the other way, using
g_locale_from_utf8(), if I want to feed any 8-bit strings to Windows.
I'm in the habit of using a few native win32 dialogs (e.g. for File


As you can see, he uses msgconv to get things to utf-8. This is a new tool
available in gettext-0.11 and later. gettext-0.11 has not been ported to
windows yet, so if anyone have a Linux box with gettext-0.11, can you
please try the trick discribed above and mail me the resulting .gmo file?


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Thank you.

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