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Re: [Bug-gnubg] cvs commands

From: Gary Wong
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] cvs commands
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 12:18:24 -0400
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Achim Mueller wrote:
> I just added some files to the cvs. Is someone able to take a quick look
> if everything is done right (I'm not used in cvs). Added german language
> support (1/3 of the msg. translated).

Wonderful -- thanks very much for the translations!  How long do you find
that translation takes?

> > > 2) How do you update the ChangeLog files. They look as
> > > they are updated automatically.
> > 
> > To speak for my self: I do this manually! I think maybe
> > emacs have some kind of macro for this, but I think the
> > manual way is just as good.
> That was what I wanted to know ;-).

If you use Emacs, then C-x 4 a (add-change-log-entry-other-window) is the
easiest way.  I don't think the format of the date is worth spending any
inconvenience over, but personally I set add-log-time-format to
current-time-string in ~/.emacs and leave it like that.

> PS. I will also add the gnubg-faq next. But first I have to take a look
> how to include it into the Makefile in doc/.

Thanks -- I am happy to look into the Makefile stuff, so feel free to
just check a copy of the FAQ in Texinfo into CVS (or e-mail me a copy)
and I'll include it in the manual.

   Gary Wong           address@hidden           http://www.cs.arizona.edu/~gary/

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