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[Bug-gnubg] moneygame bug with beavers in sgg files and analysed match f

From: Ned Cross
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] moneygame bug with beavers in sgg files and analysed match file bug with game numbers and score
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:07:19 -0700

Gnubg Version: 0.12
Installation: 020620
OS: MS Windows ME
Attachment: sgg file of moneygame session
    The atttached file has beavers in 3 games: 7, 15, and 22. I analysed the session and in all cases GNUBG did not recognize the beaver. Scrolling through the analysed game, GNU puts the cube back in the center on 64 instead of accepting the cube @ 4.  This is consistent with the analysis I've gotten in a previous .sgg moneygame as well, so appears to be a problem with gnu's ability to properly interpret the .sgg format.  I've not played any moneygames with raccoons, etc, so i don't know how gnu interprets them.
    I had a second problem with the analysed file. The match was rather long (38 games, about 2200 moves). when I re-opened the saved .sgf file, all the games were number 1, with score 0-0. I can forward the .sgf if desired, but I didn't include it here since the file is 1700kb.
Ned Cross

Attachment: kiwikiwikilliwatch vs. warmbeach 2002Jun240234.sgg
Description: Binary data

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