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[Bug-gnubg] Snapshot 020626(GTK) menu interface

From: sev_notrump
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] Snapshot 020626(GTK) menu interface
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 05:21:01 +0200

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Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 7:34 PM
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] GNUbgBugs
Sev_notrump wrote :
> > E  Overview of the user interface.
> >    Some Menu Items are implemented as a submunu , where they should be implemented as a pointer to a dialog
>>     or tabbed dialog. ( in myopnion of course :)) It is verry irratating if you have to perform 18  (!!!)  mouse
> >    clicks to set the analyse menu for example.(especialy if you cant save hem  :)) ) ( Look at the Appearence menu that's                  much better !! )
Joern Thyssen wrote
> I agree wrt the analysis submenu. Other menus?
> Jørn
So far i have suggestions for the two following items
Menu Settings   submenu  action
Game                               point  to GameTabbedDialog
Analyses                          point to  AnalyseTabbed  Dialog

GameTabbedDialog       Item                            Action
                                      SetgameInfo                 point to gameDialog     ( includes player names , match and dicegeneration)
                                      Levels                          point to setPlayLevel   
                Item                         type
                player A                   text input
                player B                   text input
                matchlenght             text input
                use cube ?              yes/no
                Jacoby                    yes/nO
                Dice generation                    
                   posibility's as        radio buttons
                 same as set now under Settings Players

AnalyseTabbedDialog             Item                      action
                                               General                 point to AnalyseGenerallDialog
                                               Chequer Play         point to Setting -> evaluation ->chequer play  (same as now )
                                               Cube Decision       point to Setting -> evaluation ->cube decisions  (same as now )
                                               Output                  point to AnalyseoutputDialog ( determines how analyses are displayed
                                                                           in the ananotations window
                                 item                            type
                                 chequerplay                 checkbox
                                 cube action                  checkbox
                                 dice rolls                      checkbox
                                 number of moves           text input
                                     to display in the 
                                Annotations window
                item                                    type
                match equity as MWC          checkbox
                GWC as percentage             checkbox
                MWC as percentage             checkbox
( remark as it is now you can check all the three options, if this is not right or has no influnce use as type "radio Buttons " instead )

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