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[Bug-gnubg] main window patches

From: Joern Thyssen
Subject: [Bug-gnubg] main window patches
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 19:04:33 +0000
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In response to the length thread in rec.games.backgammon [1] I've
changed the layout of the main window a bit. I've attached a patch.

I've moved the "roll", "double", "take", "drop", "redouble", "agree",
"decline", "play", "edit", "reset", and "stop" buttons into a tool bar
just below the menu. 

The position ID and match ID are moved into another "toolbar", and shown
side-by-side instead on top of eachother.

If you disable "click dice to roll" you save additional pixels as gnubg
now doesn't have to draw the dice. In this case you have to click the
roll-button on the tool bar, press Ctrl+R, og click the "magic" dice
area on the board to roll.

The other stuff below the board is reordered a bit, save additional
horisontal pixels. I've also added pip count as quite a few people have
asked for it.

With "click dice to roll" disabled, a maxed main window at 640x480
should give board size 5, i.e., at board size 540x360: the board is 84%
of the screen width and 75% of the height. A maxed main window at
800x600 may give board size 7 (756x504 or 94%x84%). Similar, a maxed
main window at 1024x768 gives board size 9 (972x684 or 94%x94%). [2]

I plan to make options that toggle the display of pip count and that
toggle the display of position ID and match ID.

Can some of DIY-people try the patch and give comments and suggestions for


[2] Depends heavily on your font size and the size of the window manager
task bar.

Joern Thyssen, PhD
Vendsysselgade 3, 3., DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
+45 9813 2791 (private) / +45 2077 2689 (mobile) / +45 9633 7036 (work)

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